August 30, 2009

time up 2

louvre3 (needs Quicktime plugin)

film challenge time up sketch1

time-upsound (needs Quicktime plugin)

August 27, 2009

Arts Strategy Design Proposal April 09

please click on the underlined text below to look at the design proposals for the Station Plaza Health Centre Hastings. Elements  of the proposal are now being taken forward and detail design drawings will be uploaded when completed.

click once to enlarge page.  ta el&mh


colour palette surgeries

journey around and about the surgeries capturing the colourfield existing within the location of Hastings Town Centre. colours that make up the sense of place. 

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ceramic wall paris summer 09

entrance to metro station  


August 26, 2009

station plaza health centre site visit summer09

site-visit-july09  this is a short slide show of a july site visit click on underlined text once to open new page then click on text once again to open slide show.

wellington square



textures hastings centre

textures click once on text to open window then click once again to activate slide show

colour around and about hastings centre.

station plaza health centre colour theory  click once on text to open window then click once again to activate slide show

(c.a.g) arts strategy report