October 28, 2009

wellington square WPPG

correspondence  from ‘ wellington square patient particpation group’ wppg October 09

We are keen to go ahead, and suggest the following areas to be the main areas for consideration on ‘our’ floor.

History of Health in Wellington Square/Hastings

   The Changing Face of Hastings

   The development of television in Hastings (there is believed to be a link with one of the GPs from the practice)

   Children’s area (as attractive and inviting but relaxing as possible)

Some of the ideas we have are:  Pictures of Wellington Square now and when 1st built.

  Depiction of the architecture, especially the railings.

   Archiving the practice (as you suggested).

  Montages of the previous and current GPs.

  Montages/reproduction of other significant pictures from the practice/building.

 Use of views from 1st floor windows of current practice (Dr Hughes room and waiting room)

 Historical information

 Obviously you are the ones with the ability to take these ideas and develop them, in appropriate ways. We do not know how the poet could be used, perhaps in the historical area, or ‘from the old to the new’?

Our ‘historic expert’ is Mr Rowson, who has had a long involvement in the practice, (not just a patient) and also has contact with others with information. He is happy to work with you  as desired.

Incidently, the practice will no longer be called the Wellington practice, but am unsure as to the new name.

I hope this is helpful