May 10, 2012

reading rooms scrapbook project


October 5, 2011

landmark ‘headstops’ postcards

May 18, 2011

last station sketch no 2


April 26, 2011

Last Station sketch no 1

February 25, 2011

121 booklet (click on the first image to navigate through booklet)

December 9, 2010

soundposts images

history panel health centre


November 2, 2010



cargo boat thames estuary sunset.

November 1, 2010

ceramic panels 1-4

October 26, 2010

touch and wellbeing

October 4, 2010

UCH ‘how do you feel’ floor box exhibition. Oct 2010


September 13, 2010

lift lobbies

September 9, 2010

sense of place montage 1&2 size of each panel W 2metre x H 600mm

September 7, 2010

tile production panel 1 and 2 southwater

monday morning


August 20, 2010

wellington Sq. Martin E, floor 3


wellington square- waiting. floor 2


August 9, 2010

faience paris

wellington square detail


August 8, 2010

still life with torch


mock up ucl arts projct

August 6, 2010

panels 1,2,3




  panel-3-august-rev1a  panel-2-july-final 140610final-panel-no1a

uclh website.


August 5, 2010

flowers sphc


elises sketchbook: button


elises sketchbook:hangers

August 4, 2010

panel 3



                sorry semed to have lost some red panel-3-august-rev1atext intransit and more than likely low on image 2x to enlarge

July 24, 2010

panel 2 southwater

panel 2 minus colour wash. might be low res. 


May 4, 2010

may 4th sphc site visit

photos from site visit with poet Greg Warren Wilson. so mainly looking at sites for the poetry to be placed. 

May 2, 2010

artsite lukes exerciser sk

position : ground floor corridor adjacent to toilets. 


April 29, 2010

history – priory ground

extract from ‘cinque port’ TB Brett – octogenerians account of priory land 1820’s 


April 28, 2010

site photos, april 28th

poetry site 1

sorry not very good photo. 


April 27, 2010

glazed screen film final 4th floor

images for the manifestation for floor g/1/2/3/4 at the station plaza health centre.

the worrier

extracts from st marys college student luke pitman’s health centre sketch starting with ‘the worrier’

ground floor glazed screen


fruit bowl

April 25, 2010

4 Haikus. Station Plaza health Centre




Trees are so trusting

at their most vulnerable-

each leaf a promise. 


Glass aches for the sheer

extravagance of warm air

all day, all night long. 


Autumn has woven

veins of gold into brocade.

How long will it last ? 


Just before snow falls 

silence opens like a thought.

Listen birds, listen……



© greg warren wilson 2010

medical info 1890s hastings

sketchbook / information  for history panels 


text and context

poetry residency http//

April 24, 2010

sound posts trip

April 22, 2010

site april 22nd

April 20, 2010

site april 19th

April 18, 2010

floor 4 sketch for glazed screen


film is currently  to be applied to the surgery face  of glazing so image will be muted from stairwell. 


April 17, 2010

distant sk 1


April 16, 2010

12 Claremont balustrade


April 15, 2010

TB Brett, Local Historian and Social Commentator Hastings 1816-1906


April 14, 2010

sense of place colour sketches

frosted or clear

April 1, 2010

Wellington Sq.


February 4, 2010

floor 1 station plaza

please click on the  underlined text below to view a short slide show of  the staircase  bespoke ‘floor numbers’  

Floor Numbers

February 1, 2010

‘HOW FAR A JOURNEY’ Gregory Warren Wilson.


Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

for the poetry reading by Michael Mulkerrin  please click on arrow above.

‘HOW FAR A JOURNEY ‘ is a poem taken from  the Arts Council funded ‘Journey from one place to another’ poetry residency being undertaken by the Poet  Gregory Warren Wilson  for  the NHS Station Plaza Health Centre Hastings. 


August 27, 2009

Arts Strategy Design Proposal April 09

please click on the underlined text below to look at the design proposals for the Station Plaza Health Centre Hastings. Elements  of the proposal are now being taken forward and detail design drawings will be uploaded when completed.

click once to enlarge page.  ta el&mh


October 21, 2012

Brassey Institute visit 30th May